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Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend

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Best JILI Slot Game Boom Legend Slot Game

Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-01

Defeat the BONUS monsters to claim the prize money as shown in the table here in the Best Jili slot games the greater your bet, the higher the likelihood of landing in the upper bonus tiers. The maximum bonus attainable is 88,888.


 Jili178-Best JILI Slot Game- Play Now-JILI17888

Boom Legend Fishing Game Interface


Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend Interface JILI178-02

Boom Legend Fishing Game Features


Special Monsters

Goblin Bomber-Once you've successfully vanquished the Goblin Bomber, it will release a bomb. Upon detonation, the explosion may result in monsters within its blast zone being forcefully pushed back.

Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-03

Medusa-Medusa's Eye will appear after you defeat her, petrifying and damaging monsters in its zone.

Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-04

Black Knight-To kill Dread knight, use Blade Aura to attack in damage zone.

Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-05

Special Weapons

Rocket Punch-When used, the fist will fly upwards from your position, penetrating and pushing back all monsters in its patch.

Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-06

Mystery Chest-Open a Mystery Box to receive either: Rocket Punch or Mines.

Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-07

Mines-The mine may be placed anywhere on the map, and will damage monsters in a large area when it explodes.

Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-08

Axe-Using the Axe deducts 5X bet value to launch a more powerful attack on the targeted monster.

Hammer-Using the Hammer deducts 15X of your bet value to launch a hammer at the targeted monster. The Hammer will randomly strike other monsters on the battlefield near the targeted monster with lightning.

Lightning Spear

  • Modify your energy levels by targeting monsters with your shots. Once the energy bar reaches capacity, you can unleash the power of the Lightning Spear to deal substantial electrical damage across the central area of the screen.

  • The quantity of energy accrued is directly linked to the size of your wagers in the game. Activating the Lightning Spear will consume energy from the bar.

  • Should you exit the game or experience a disconnection lasting over 3 minutes, the energy bar will be reset.

  • The Lightning Spear will be automatically unleashed if the energy bar has remained completely charged for a period exceeding 3 minutes.


Following their defeat, monsters have the potential to resurrect as Dreadfreaks. Eliminate these Dreadfreaks for an opportunity to earn enhanced rewards, with a maximum odds multiplier of 2X.

Bonus Cyclops

Initiate attacks to secure standard betting odds. Upon defeating the Cyclops, you will be rewarded with an impressive 5X multiplier on the basic odds. Additionally, defeating the Cyclops may grant you a treasure map. Gather a total of 10 treasure maps to unlock a Golden Treasure Chest.

Golden Demons

Defeat a Golden Demon for an opportunity to acquire a Treasure Chest. Silver Treasure Chests bestow an extra 2X multiplier on your odds, while Gold Treasure Chests offer an impressive 6X odds boost.

Bonus Demon

Eliminate the Crocodile to secure the prize money displayed in the table. Increasing your bet size enhances the likelihood of your bonus falling within the upper range.

Giant Octopus

  • Consecutive shots on Octopus Heads & Arms will generate Rage Points. Filling the Rage Bar will initiate a prize draw.

  • Shooting a Furious Octopus will yield better prize draws. Max multiplier is 800X.

Boom Legend Fishing Game Payout


Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-09



Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-10



Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-11



Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-12



Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-13



Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-14



Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-15



Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-16



Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-17



Best JILI Slot Game- Boom Legend JILI178-18




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