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Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker

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Best JILI Slot Game Golden Joker Slot Machine

Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker JILI178-01

Imagine encountering a cheerful joker whose magical touch could have you laughing with riches! Look no further only here in the Best Jili slot games! For many decades, casino slot machines have adorned their reel strips with these lively characters. Slot manufacturers initially introduced these colorful figures to symbolize wild symbols, mirroring the joker's role in traditional card games.

Certainly, our seasoned reviewers have encountered countless jokers over the years while conducting slot reviews. When it comes to Golden Joker, they unanimously agree that few have been as generous as this online game.

The Golden Joker, adorned in a vibrant red and blue fool's hat with an extravagant neck ruffle, welcomes you to the reels with an enormous grin. If you've played other real-money online slots developed by Amatic, you might recognize him.


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How To Play Golden Jokers Double Up


Start spinning with this choice of free casino slots with the help of the following handy hints:

  • You can choose a double up side bet. This will double how big the bonus icons are but will cost you twice the price.

  • You can buy a spin on the game’s bonus wheel for 100x your bet. You will find the button to choose this option at the side of the grid.

  • The game’s three jackpot totals are displayed above the reels.

  • Hit the speaker symbol if you want to turn the sounds on or off.

  • There is a lightning symbol on the main screen that enables you to choose to play in fast mode. This can add to the excitement of the game, but beware of how much faster your playing balance can disappear if wins don’t roll in.

  • Your balance, your chosen bet and the amount of any wins are displayed beneath the reels. Keep an eye on these and always remember to bet responsibly. There are timeout and self-exclusion safety features if you need them.

  • Hit the coin chip button to choose your bet per spin.

  • There is an autoplay option if you want the game to spin by itself, allowing you to sit back and watch the action unfold for a pre-set number of spins.

Golden Jokers Double Up Bonus Features



The wild can appear on the central three reels and will replace any standard symbol to help create winning combinations.

Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker Wild JILI178-02

Bonus wheel

The best bonus in the game is triggered by at least three diamond bonus icons landing on the grid, which will award you between one and three spins of the bonus wheel. This offers the chance to win 4 to 20 free spins or one of three jackpots. The bonus jackpot wins are:

  • Mini jackpot = 50x your bet

  • Major jackpot = 100x your bet

  • Grand jackpot = 500x your bet

During any free spins, the joker can appear as a single symbol or stacked; what’s more, wilds can have 2x or 3x multipliers. Multipliers can multiply each other up to a maximum of 27x. You can also trigger more bonus games by landing between two and five scatters, which will earn you 5 to 20 extra free spins.

Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker Wheel JILI178-03

Special Symbols in Golden Joker Slot


Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker Wild JILI178-04

JOKER SYMBOL (red & gold)

The color red/gold "JOKER" is a WILD symbol that can be substituted for any symbols or characters except the "GOLDEN JOKER" wild symbol.

Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker Wild JILI178-05


The Golden Joker is also a "WILD" symbol. The normal Joker symbol is upgraded to Golden Joker in extra bet mode. Compared to the golden joker, the payout is much higher.

Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker Seven JILI178-06

7 (seven) SYMBOL

It’s the Three Sevens symbol. is considered to be the most valueable symbol in Golden Joker slot game.

Jili Golden Joker Slot Machine Paylines


Playing on paylines means landing matching symbols on the same line. In this game the pattern is horizontal and diagonal to win prizes.

Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker Payline JILI178-07

Jili Golden Joker Slot Machine Pay Table


Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker Wild JILI178-08


Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker JILI178-09


Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker Wild JILI178-10


Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker Seven JILI178-11


Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker JILI178-12


Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker JILI178-13


Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker JILI178-14


Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker JILI178-15


Free Re Spin – Rules

  • If Full Stacks on two reels don’t result in wins, these two reels stay on screen. You’ll get a free re-spin on the remaining reels.

  • If landing a full stack of “WILDS” on one reel and a full stack of “SYMBOLS” on another reel result in no winnings, these two will remain on the screen and the remaining reels will spin once for free. As a result of respinning, all symbols on the reel with full stacks of symbols will transform into “WILD” symbols.

Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker Wild JILI178-16

Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker JILI178-17
  • If the screen is landed with a full stack of “WILD” on one reel and full stacks of “SYMBOLS” but different types on the other two reels, then the reel with the lowest payout symbol will re-spin in this spin.

Best JILI Slot Game- Golden Joker Wild JILI178-18


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