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Best JILI Slot Game- Happy Taxi

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Best JILI Slot Game Happy Taxi Slot Machine

Best JILI Slot Game- Happy Taxi JILI178-01

Breaking the silence of the night, the cheerful taxi sets off! Hop into this taxi bound for the Gate of Wealth, and let the seasoned driver take you on an exhilarating journey through the skies! From the 2nd to the 4th round, the Wild Taxi charges forward, and your winnings will be further multiplied after each lottery win!These multipliers come in the values of X2, X3, and X4, and they can stack up to X4, resulting in an astonishing bonus that reaches an impressive X36! Explore this unique game exclusively available in the Best Jili slot games selection.

During the Hurricane mode, you accumulate multipliers on the car, including X0.5, X1, X2, and X3. Each car encountered by the driver adds a +0.5 multiplier, and the Rolls-Royce collects all these multipliers on the grid! With such an adventurous and daring driver, there's no need to rush; simply take a taxi, unwind, and watch your winnings grow only here in the Best Jili slot games!


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How To Play Jili Happy Taxi Slot Machine


Happy Taxi's primary aim revolves around aligning specific symbols on the game's reels to secure wins. These symbol configurations must match the paytable established by JILI. To access these paytables, it's essential to navigate to the "Settings" option.

In this real money game, players place their bets and initiate spins in the hope of achieving a winning combination. As the reels whirl, an array of symbols, including taxis and drivers, materializes in various patterns.

The game's excitement is further elevated by its unique features, which can be activated by landing specific symbols. These features provide players with additional opportunities to amplify their rewards and unlock bonus rounds within this online casino game.

The Visual and Interface Aspect


Best JILI Slot Game- Happy Taxi JILI178-02

Happy Taxi presents a vibrant and dynamic visual experience. Against the backdrop of a bustling cityscape, the game's graphics are not only intricate but also bursting with color, vividly bringing the urban theme to life within this slot machine game.The symbols themselves, ranging from cheerful taxi drivers to eye-catching taxis, have been meticulously designed to ensure they stand out prominently against the game's backdrop.

In terms of user-friendliness, the interface is intuitively designed, featuring clearly labeled buttons and displays that make it effortless for players to navigate and understand their current gameplay status within this online casino game.JILI consistently delivers user-friendly slot games, and Happy Taxi is no exception. Within this slot machine game, there are some notable features that enhance your gaming experience:

  • Auto Spin: This feature allows players to activate a repetitive betting and spinning cycle, offering flexible adjustments to suit their preferences.

  • Turbo Spin: Players can utilize this feature to bypass the spinning animation and go straight to the immediate results of each spin.

Happy Taxi Slot Machine Payline


Best JILI Slot Game- Happy Taxi Payline JILI178-03

In Happy Taxi, rewards are calculated based on the combination of symbols that appear on the reels after a spin.

Here’s a consolidated overview of the distinct paytables within Happy Taxi slot machine games, conveniently compiled for your reference.

Happy Taxi Slot Machine Pay Table




Taxi Driver

5x: 9000, 4x: 450, 3x: 45, 2x: 9

Green Taxi

5x: 4500, 4x: 270, 3x: 27, 2x: 6

Blue Taxi

5x: 900, 4x: 180, 3x: 21, 2x: 6

Red Taxi

5x: 900, 4x: 180, 3x: 21, 2x: 6

Gas station

5x: 270, 4x: 90, 3x: 12

Oil Can

5x: 270, 4x: 90, 3x: 12

Taxi lights

5x: 180, 4x: 54, 3x: 6


​5x: 180, 4x: 54, 3x: 6


5x: 45, 4x: 18, 3x: 3

Car key

5x: 45, 4x: 18, 3x: 3

Get Wild Card To Gain Multipliers


Best JILI Slot Game- Happy Taxi Wild JILI178-04
  • In the game, Wild Cards are exclusively present during rounds 2 to 4.

  • Whenever a Wild Card emerges within a payline, you'll be awarded a random multiplier of either X2, X3, or X4!

Bonus Game Symbol


Best JILI Slot Game- Happy Taxi Bonus JILI178-05

Bonus symbols exclusively make an appearance on reels #1, #3, and #5. When you manage to land 3 Bonus symbols, you'll be rewarded with 3 bonus rounds.

Best JILI Slot Game- Happy Taxi JILI178-06

In the presence of a Rolls-Royce symbol, it collects all multipliers and remains on the board until the bonus game concludes.

Best JILI Slot Game- Happy Taxi JILI178-07

Upon encountering a Taxi driver symbol, all multipliers on the board receive a boost of +0.5 before being activated and subsequently vanishing.

  • In a bonus game, each spin exclusively yields WILD symbols (x0.5, x1, x2, x3), Taxi driver symbols, or Rolls-Royce symbols. When a WILD multiplier appears, it remains on the board until the conclusion of the bonus game.

  • Whenever you acquire a symbol, it resets the count of bonus rounds. However, if you go three consecutive rounds without obtaining any symbols or filling the board with symbols, the bonus game comes to an end.

  • The prize in the Bonus Game is calculated as the total multiplier on the board multiplied by your bets. The larger your bet, the more substantial the potential prize! Test your luck and give it a try!

Game Rules

  • There are 9 types of paylines, and both the left and right reels can be connected.

Best JILI Slot Game- Happy Taxi JILI178-08
  • Only the highest amount won on each payline will be paid. Payment will be made only once for a 5-line.

  • Winnings = Bet x Pay / 9.

  • Bonus Game Symbol Winnings= Bet x Pay.

  • In the event of any malfunction that causes the outcome of the game to be undecided, the game round will be invalid.


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