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Best JILI Slot Game- iRich Bingo

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Best JILI Slot Game iRich Bingo Slot Machine

Best JILI Slot Game- iRich Bingo JILI178-01

iRich Bingo Slot Game get numbers and score bingo to collect lots of rewards! Buy bingo cards for a higher chance of getting rewards. Maximum Multiplier 1500x. You can also buy extra balls to get prizes with a chance to get a WILD ball for scoring bingos only here in the Best Jili slot games!

JILI iRich Bingo offers the potential for significant earnings as it allows players to simultaneously play with nearly 20 bingo cards. With a modest bet ranging from ₱2 to ₱5, it's possible for players to achieve substantial bonuses of over ₱3000 in less than 10 minutes.


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How To Play iRich Bingo Slot Game


It is easy, try to make the bingo line and that’s it!

Best JILI Slot Game- iRich Bingo JILI178-02

  • There are a total of 15 blocks in a 5x3 grid, and these blocks are filled with numbers ranging from 1 to 75. Players have the option to choose between 1 to 20 bingo cards, each of which costs between ₱1 to ₱50. When you click the start button, 30 numbers will be drawn randomly from the lottery box.

  • When you complete a bingo line, you become eligible for the corresponding bonus!

iRich Bingo interface


Bingo card area

Best JILI Slot Game- iRich Bingo Area JILI178-03

Within this section, you can view the card you've purchased, ranging from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 20 cards. If you're dissatisfied with the numbers on the card, simply click the "Change" option to reset the selection. When you're prepared, click the "START" button to commence the game.

Lottery ball and the bingo line area

Best JILI Slot Game- iRich Bingo Line Area JILI178-04

Upon clicking the "START" button, the lottery box initiates the random selection of numbers, continuing until a total of 30 numbers have been drawn. To verify your bingo lines, you can consult the boards highlighted in red at the upper section of the interface.

Extra ball area

Best JILI Slot Game- iRich Bingo Extra Ball JILI178-05

When the 30 numbers are all drawn and you are close to BINGO, you can buy 10 extra balls! (The price is labeled on the ball.)

Possibility area

Best JILI Slot Game- iRich Bingo JILI178-06

The probability area on the left of the interface will display the top three colored balls of the current situation, such as:

– Numbered 30, you can get a bonus ₱420

– Numbered 45, you can get a bonus ₱220

– Numbered 63, you can get a bonus ₱156

– The total amount of possible bingo profit is ₱1038

iRich Bingo special prize functions intro


WILD ball

Best JILI Slot Game- iRich Bingo Wild Ball JILI178-07

There is a chance for a "WILD ball" to appear among the additional balls. When this occurs, players will receive a prompt to choose a number for the WILD ball from a selection of up to 1-4 numbers corresponding to the "bingo amount." If a player does not make a selection within 10 seconds, the system will automatically select the highest bonus option for them.

Special bonus

Best JILI Slot Game- iRich Bingo Special Bonus JILI178-08

Three unique bonuses are available, and players will be randomly awarded one of them. Click the golden bonus icon to check the current timeline. To activate the bonus draw, accumulate more bingo lines, and when triggered, select 1 to 3 coins from a pool of 8 to receive your bonus.

Free ball

Best JILI Slot Game- iRich Bingo Free JILI178-09

When purchasing extra balls, there's a possibility of receiving a free ball, which grants you an additional extra ball at no cost. If the player doesn't make a selection, the system will automatically choose one for them.


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Best JILI Slot Game-JILI178-15% Daily bonus casino app


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