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Best JILI Slot Game- Jungle King

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Best JILI Slot Game Jungle King Slot Machine

Best JILI Slot Game- Jungle King JILI178-01

The Jungle King Slot Machine features a game layout with 5 reels and 50 paylines only here in the Best Jili slot games. Within this online slot, you'll encounter nine standard symbols, which comprise five playing card icons in various colors, a mask, a ship, a dinosaur, and a captivating blonde girl. The formidable gorilla, with its intimidating appearance, serves as the wild symbol in this slot game. It not only offers the most substantial rewards but also steps in for regular symbols whenever it can assist players in completing winning combinations.

The enigmatic silver gorilla coin acts as a mysterious symbol, transforming into a random symbol upon appearance. To trigger a round of Free Spins with a rising multiplier, simply land three or more skyscraper symbols (Scatter icons) anywhere on the reels. Additionally, accumulating airplanes on the reels will further boost the multiplier.


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How to play Jungle King Slot Game

  • In order to secure a win in this game, symbols must align sequentially from the leftmost reel to the right. If a symbol appears consecutively three times, it results in a player's win.

  • The player's reward is calculated by multiplying their bet by the multiplier and then dividing the product by 50. Therefore, the formula for determining the earned prize is: Multiplier x (Player bet/50).

  • The sole payline eligible for a payout is the one that achieves the highest score.

  • In total, there are 50 lines on which a payout can potentially occur.

  • If a game experiences a malfunction that creates uncertainty, the game round will be declared void.

  • To engage in Jungle King, one of the top JILI slot games, it's essential for players to be aware of the symbols with the highest value. Among the symbols featured in the game, the Gorilla wild symbol stands out as the most prominent and valuable, alongside the mysterious symbol and Scatter. The Gorilla symbol not only offers the highest payout but also has the ability to substitute for any other symbol in the game.

Mysterious Symbol

  • Mystery Symbols, which remain concealed until disclosed, will be present in both standard gameplay and during free rounds.

  • Once revealed, these Mystery Symbols will undergo a transformation, changing into random symbols.

  • It's important to note that Mystery Symbols themselves do not yield any payouts.

Scatter Symbol

  • In each round, only a single Scatter symbol can emerge, and a maximum of 5 Scatters can be obtained. Should there be 3 or more Scatters visible on the reels, the game will transition into the free spins mode; however, Scatters will not appear during the free spins.

  • In the course of the free spins round, when the designated quantity of airplane symbols is attained, the multiplier for the subsequent stage will rise by 1.

  • For instance, if the free spins are set at a multiplier of X2, and the required number of airplane symbols is collected, the multiplier for the following stage will escalate by 2.

  • Similarly, during free spins featuring a multiplier of X3, achieving the requisite number of airplane symbols will cause the multiplier for the next stage to increase by 3.

Best JILI Slot Game- Jungle King Scatter JILI178-02

Free Game - Collect Airplanes

  • Upon amassing 3 Scatters, the player initiates the free spins round. In this phase, the primary aim is for King Kong to take down the airplane.

  • Within the 8-game duration of the free spins round, if King Kong successfully targets and crashes the airplane, the player will be awarded a random quantity of 1 to 3 airplane symbols.

  • Accumulating 3 airplane symbols throughout the free spins round allows the player to augment their multiplier and gain an extra free game.

  • The prevailing winnings will undergo multiplication by the sum of all accumulated multipliers.

  • The initial multiplier and the rate at which the multiplier increases are contingent on the number of Scatters collected during the standard game.

Wild Symbol


In addition to the Scatter and Mystery symbols, the WILD symbol has the capability to act as a substitute for any other symbol within the game.

Jungle King Slot Game Pay Table


Best JILI Slot Game- Jungle King Wild JILI178-03

The wild symbol can serve as a replacement for any other symbol in the game, except for the scatter and mystery symbols.




Best JILI Slot Game- Jungle King JILI178-08




Best JILI Slot Game- Jungle King JILI178-04




Best JILI Slot Game- Jungle King JILI178-09




Best JILI Slot Game- Jungle King JILI178-05




Best JILI Slot Game- Jungle King JILI178-10




Best JILI Slot Game- Jungle King JILI178-06




Best JILI Slot Game- Jungle King JILI178-11




Best JILI Slot Game- Jungle King JILI178-07




Best JILI Slot Game- Jungle King JILI178-12




Reels, Paylines


The Jungle King game grid is structured as 5x4, featuring a total of 50 paylines, which adheres to the typical layout found in slot machines. All winning points are determined by multiplying the odds by the player's bet divided by 50, and the game awards only the highest win for each line.

Best JILI Slot Game- Jungle King JILI178-13


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