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Best JILI Slot Game - Mayan Empire

Mayan Empire Slot Machine


Mayan Empire Slot Machine, developed by JILI Games, is one of the best JILI slot games that offers an exhilarating online slot experience. With its captivating ancient Mayan theme, this game has consistently ranked high in JILI Slot's chart. Upon entering the Mayan Empire Slot Machine, players are immediately greeted with powerful drum sounds and surrounded by primitive totems, immersing them in a tropical jungle atmosphere. This slot machine flawlessly captures the essence of its theme.

Mayan Empire Slot Machine Pay Line


Where to play Best JILI Slot Game


How to play Mayan Empire Slot Machine


The JILI Mayan Empire Slot Machine is an impressive ancient civilization-themed slot with 5 reels and 3 rows. It offers exciting features like 5 free spins and scatter symbols. This game focuses on creating multiple combinations for eliminating connections. With its unique "ancient symbols" design, the JILI Mayan Empire Slot Machine can unleash a frenzy of unstoppable action across the entire board.

  • Observe the patterns. Achieve a prize by aligning 3 identical symbols from left to right.

  • Calculate your winnings using the formula: (Odds * Your bets) / 50.

  • In the event of errors that prevent determining the game result, that specific game will not be counted.

Mayan Empire Slot Machine Special Symbols



Best-JILI-Slot Game-Mayan-Empire-JILI178-Symbol-Bonus- 01

  • ​Except for Scatter and Mystery symbols, WILD has the ability to substitute any symbols on reels #2 to #5.


Best-JILI-Slot Game-Mayan-Empire-JILI178-Symbol-Bonus- 02

  • During the standard game, it can be found on reels #1 to #5. When there are a minimum of 3 of them, you unlock the free game feature, granting you 5 free spins.

  • In the free game mode, it exclusively appears on reels #2 to #4. Its presence rewards you with an additional 3 free spins.


Best-JILI-Slot Game-Mayan-Empire-JILI178-Symbol-Bonus- 03

  • ​Upon landing a minimum of 6 Mystery symbols on reels #1 to #5, a special game is triggered.

  • The greater your wagers, the greater the rewards you will receive.

Mayan Empire Slot Machine Free Spins Bonus Game


Free Game

Best-JILI-Slot Game-Mayan-Empire-JILI178-Symbol-Bonus- 04
  • During a free game, a large square symbol has the potential to appear on either reel #2, reel #3, or reel #4.

  • In a Scatter free game, this symbol exclusively appears on reel #2, reel #3, and reel #4. Its presence awards you with 3 additional free spins.

  • When the Mystery giant square symbol emerges, it grants you access to a special game.

  • Once the special game concludes, any unused free spins you have remaining are restored to you.

Special Game

Best-JILI-Slot Game-Mayan-Empire-JILI178-Symbol-Bonus- 05
  • Achieving a minimum of 6 Mystery symbols on reels #1 to #5 grants you access to a special game.

  • Prior to commencing the special game, any earned Mystery symbols will be saved.

  • During the game, you receive 3 free spins to play.

  • Whenever a Mystery symbol appears during a spin, it becomes locked on the reel and replenishes your free spins to a total of 3.

  • When your remaining free spins reach 0, the game concludes, and you receive all the prizes associated with the locked Mystery symbols.

  • Upon accumulating 15 Mystery symbols by the end of the game, you unlock another special game as a reward.

Extra Bets

Best-JILI-Slot Game-Mayan-Empire-JILI178-Symbol-Bonus- 06
  • Within the special game, prizes from Mystery symbols are doubled (2x).

  • Once activated, you can partake in a free game and enjoy 5 complimentary spins.

Mayan Empire Slot Machine Pay table



5 x 50

4 x 20

3 x 5


5 x 160

4 x 50

3 x 20


5 x 140

4 x 50

3 x 20


5 x 100

4 x 40

3 x 20


3 x 80

3 x 40

3 x 20


3 x 80

3 x 40

3 x 20


5 x 60

4 x 30

3 x 10


5 x 60

4 x 30

3 x 10


3 x 50

3 x 20

3 x 10


3 x 50

3 x 20

3 x 10


3 x 50

3 x 20

3 x 10

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