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Best JILI Slot Game- Pirate Queen

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

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Best JILI Slot Game Pirate Queen Slot Machine

Best JILI Slot Game- Pirate Queen JILI178-01

Set off on a thrilling journey alongside the Pirate Queen as you sail the open waters, in pursuit of abundant treasures eager to enrich your wealth. During the Bonus feature, your path might lead you to Pearls, Jewels, Silver, or Gold, each revealing an exclusive Free Spin Multiplier that ensures you depart with a prize in hand. The seven seas are brimming with uncharted riches, ready for your discovery!

The Pirate Queen online slot only here in the Best Jili slot games offers a truly unique adventure. There's no unexpected twist where the true treasure is the friendships you've formed along the journey – in this game, genuine gold awaits! Spin the reels adorned with pirate symbols for a chance to uncover that hidden treasure.


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How to Play Pirate Queen Slot Game


Match and Win

Once you successfully align 8 or more identical symbols, the thrill ignites. Each matching combination awards you valuable points, and the adventure doesn't halt at that point. With each match triggering the next, fresh symbols flow onto the board, ensuring the game remains vibrant and filled with the promise of great wealth. This succession of symbols persists until no more matches can be formed, indicating the conclusion of the round.

Calculating Your Loot

Now, let's delve into the rewards you reap from your adventure. Your winnings are determined by multiplying your wager by the provided multiplier. For example, if you bet 100 credits and align 8 'img' symbols with a 10x multiplier, your earnings soar to an impressive 1000 credits.

But hold on, there's more! If you're feeling especially bold and choose to place an additional wager, your prize is calculated by multiplying your initial bet by the multiplier. For instance, starting with a base bet of 100 credits, and after activating the extra bet option for a total bet of 150 credits, if you match 8 'img' symbols with a 10x multiplier, your payout still adds up to an exhilarating 1000 credits.

A Note of Caution

Remember, dear adventurer, that if any technical hiccups arise, all payouts and actions are rendered invalid. However, fret not; should a malfunction occur during the special feature game, the game will seamlessly persist and grant you your deserved rewards.

The Pirate's Bounty (RTP)

Curious about your chances of triumph? The game's Return to Player (RTP) stands strong at 97.00%, and this percentage remains consistent even if you decide to enable the Extra Bet feature. Thus, you have a equitable opportunity to seize the Pirate Queen's riches.

Now, raise the anchor, unfurl the sails, and allow the Pirate Queen Slot Game to steer you through an exhilarating journey of wealth! Best of luck, and may the tides of fortune forever favor you.

Pirate Queen Slot Machine Game Pay table


Pirate Queen Symbol

Eight on a Payline

Ten on a Payline

12+ on a Payline

Best JILI Slot Game- Pirate Queen JILI178-02




Best JILI Slot Game- Pirate Queen JILI178-03




Best JILI Slot Game- Pirate Queen JILI178-04




Best JILI Slot Game- Pirate Queen JILI178-05




Best JILI Slot Game- Pirate Queen JILI178-06




Best JILI Slot Game- Pirate Queen JILI178-07




Best JILI Slot Game- Pirate Queen JILI178-08




Best JILI Slot Game- Pirate Queen JILI178-09




Best JILI Slot Game- Pirate Queen JILI178-10




Pirate Queen Slot Machine Game FREE GAME


Best JILI Slot Game- Pirate Queen Scatter JILI178-11


Pay Table







Pirate Queen Slot Machine Game Extra Bet


Best JILI Slot Game- Pirate Queen JILI178-12
  • As an additional requirement, you'll need to add 50% more for the extra bet.

  • When you activate the Extra Bet mode, your winnings are determined by multiplying the Basic Bet by the multiplier.

  • The outcome: During a free game, your chances are effectively doubled!


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