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Best JILI Slot Game - SevenSevenSeven

SevenSevenSeven Slot Machine


SevenSevenSeven, developed by JILI Games, is one of the best JILI slot games, designed with a vibrant theme, captivating visual effects, and generous rewards. This game features a 3x3 reel layout and offers up to 5 pay lines. It showcases large, shiny icons, silver reels, a classic slot machine matrix, an abstract purple background, and a lever for an authentic experience.

SevenSevenSeven Pay Line


Main Game Pay Line


Bonus Game Diamond Pay Line


Bonus Game Triple-Blazing Pay Line


Where to play Best JILI Slot Game


How to play SevenSevenSeven Slot Machine

  • In the main game, the betting line is considered a win when three symbols that are the same appear in a consecutive sequence from left to right, following the paytable.

  • The winnings in the main game are calculated by multiplying the odds with the bet amount divided by 5.

  • In the bonus game "Diamond Line," the betting line is considered a win when identical symbols appear in a consecutive sequence from left to right, based on the paytable.

  • In the bonus games "Triple" and "Blazing," the betting line is considered a win when three identical symbols appear in a consecutive sequence from left to right, as per the paytable.

  • The winnings in the free game are calculated by multiplying the odds with the bet amount.

  • If any technical issue occurs during a game, resulting in an unclear outcome, that particular round will be considered invalid.

SevenSevenSeven Slot Machine Bonus Game

  • Obtain two or more Scatter symbols to initiate the associated Bonus Game.

  • There are three types of smaller reels that yield three rewards when the Free Game is activated, with a possibility of expanding up to three random reels for each type.

  • After a Free Game concludes, the subsequent type of Free Game will be automatically triggered until all Free Games have been completed.

Best-JILI-Slot Game-SevenSevenSeven-JILI178-Symbol-Bonus- 01

​Bonus Game 1: TRIPLE

Best-JILI-Slot Game-SevenSevenSeven-JILI178-Symbol-Bonus- 02

​Bonus Game 2: BLAZING

Best-JILI-Slot Game-SevenSevenSeven-JILI178-Symbol-Bonus- 03

​Bonus Game 3: Diamond Line

SevenSevenSeven Slot Machine Scatter

  • The Scatters exclusively appear on specific reels and manifest as one symbol per reel at a given moment.

  • The activation of the corresponding Bonus Game occurs when two or more Scatters appear.

Best-JILI-Slot Game-SevenSevenSeven-JILI178-Symbol-Bonus- 04

​Only appears on the First Reel

Best-JILI-Slot Game-SevenSevenSeven-JILI178-Symbol-Bonus- 05

​​Only appears on the Second Reel

Best-JILI-Slot Game-SevenSevenSeven-JILI178-Symbol-Bonus- 06

​Only appears on the Third Reel

SevenSevenSeven Slot Machine TRIPLE Paytable



​If pay line wins by 3 TRIPLE that will gain the responding jackpot.


3 X 100

WILD substitutes for all symbols except JP

1 WILD in one wins for 2x prizes

2 WILDs in one wins for 4x prizes


3 x 15


3 x 10


3 x 5


3 x 3


3 x 2


3 x 1

SevenSevenSeven Slot Machine BLAZING Paytable



​​If pay line wins by 3 TRIPLE that will gain the responding jackpot.


3 X 250

WILD substitutes for all symbols except JP

1 WILD in one wins for 3x prizes

2 WILDs in one wins for 9x prizes


3 x 15


3 x 10


3 x 5


3 x 3


3 x 4


2 x 2

1 x 1

SevenSevenSeven Slot Machine DIAMOND LINE Paytable



​​​If pay line wins by 3 or 4 DIAMONDs that will gain the responding jackpot.


4 x 777

3 x 250


4 x 500

3 x 120


4 x 80

3 x 60


3 x 50


3 x 30


4 x 20

3 x 10

SevenSevenSeven Slot Machine Paytable



3 x 100


3 x 75


3 x 50


3 x 25


3 x 20


3 x 15


3 x 10


3 x 5

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