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Best JILI Slot Game - World Cup

World Cup Slot Machine


Step into the world of sports with the best JILI slot game's soccer-themed slot. In the JILI World Cup Slot, you'll find 25 paylines, making it easy to form winning combinations.

The payout table showcases national teams represented by shining soccer stars. Germany holds the highest value, followed by Brazil, Spain, and France. Portugal has a slightly lower value, while England, Iran, and Tunisia are at the bottom of the odds table.

While free spins are common, the real highlights are the bonus games. Collect golden boots to bring yourself closer to your goal. Select a shooting direction and aim for the goalkeeper to earn exciting rewards!

World Cup Slot Machine Pay Line


Where to play Best JILI Slot Game


How to play World Cup Slot Machine


The World Cup Slot is a slot game with 5 reels. Winning combinations begin from the leftmost reel and pay from left to right on consecutive reels. By landing 3 or more symbols, you can secure various rewards.

  • Winnings = Bet amount x Odds e.g. If a player places a bet of 100 and achieves a winning combination from left to right on consecutive reels, the total winnings would be "100 x 1.25 / 1 = 125".

  • Winnings = Bet amount x Odds e.g. If a player wagers 100 in the extra mode, which transforms into 150, and achieves a winning combination from left to right on consecutive reels, the total winnings would be "100 x 1.25 / 1 = 125".

  • There are a total of 20 pay lines available, and only the highest win on each payline is rewarded. In the event of a malfunction, all pays and plays are voided.

  • If any malfunction occurs during the feature game, the system will automatically finish the following game and provide the player with the appropriate rewards. RTP = 97.00% RTP for Extra Bet = 97.00%.

World Cup Slot Machine Bonus Game


World Cup Slot Machine Free Game

Best-JILI-Slot Game-World-Cup-JILI178-Symbol-Bonus- 01

  • ​When 3 Scatter symbols appear, the free game is triggered.

  • Each Scatter symbol landed adds 2 extra rounds, with a maximum of 22 rounds. However, these additional rounds won't be triggered during the free game itself.

  • In the Free game, any landed scatter awards random multipliers that apply to all winnings in that round.

  • The random multipliers effects are: X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, or X10 !

World Cup Slot Machine Big Symbol

  • The 2nd to 4th reels contain a special area where a large symbol can land or substitute another symbol on the board.

  • All symbols have the opportunity to become the larger version.

  • A larger version of a symbol consists of either 4 (2x2) or 9 (3x3) identical symbols when calculating winnings.

World Cup Slot Machine Bonus

Best-JILI-Slot Game-World-Cup-JILI178-Symbol-Bonus- 02

9 X 250 6 X 25 3 X 5

8 X 100 5 X 15 2 X 2

7 X 50 4 X 10 1 X 1

  • No pay lines are required. Receive a bonus and instantly win a prize, with larger bonuses offering greater rewards!

  • The bonus symbol only appears on reels #2, #3, or #4.

  • There is a major symbol version available, which provides the highest chances of winning when it occupies a 9 (3x3) space.

World Cup Slot Machine Extra Bets

  • To activate Extra Bets, an extra 50% of the bet amount is required, unlocking various special effects.

  • Extra Bet Mode Winning = Basic Bet X Odds!

  • Effect 1: In the main game, landing a random multiplier triggers effects of X1, X2, or X3 in each round.

  • Effect 2: In the free game, the multipliers' effects are doubled, offering X2, X4, X6, X8, X10, or X20!

World Cup Slot Machine Payouts



5 x 25

4 x 5

3 x 1.25


5 x 25

4 x 5

3 x 1.25


5 x 10

4 x 2

3 x 1


5 x 7.5

4 x 1.5

3 x 0.75


5 x 5

4 x 1

3 x 0.5


5 x 2.5

4 x 0.5

3 x 0.25


5 x 1.5

4 x 0.4

3 x 0.15


5 x 1.5

4 x 0.4

3 x 0.15


5 x 1

4 x 0.25

3 x 0.1


5 x 1

4 x 0.25

3 x 0.1


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