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Best JILI Slot Game- World Cup

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Best JILI Slot Game World Cup Slot Machine

Best JILI Slot Game- World Cup JILI178-01

Lace up your soccer cleats for this sports-themed slot game by Best Jili slot games. The game's paytable showcases a dazzling lineup of football superstars representing their respective national teams. Team Germany commands the highest value, followed by Brazil, Spain, and France.Portugal holds slightly less value on the paytable, while further down, you'll discover England, Iran, and Tunisia. FIFA World Cup offers 25 paylines, making it relatively straightforward to form winning combinations.

Free spins are a delightful feature, but the real highlight is the bonus game. If you land enough golden boots, you'll find yourself approaching the goal. Choose a shot direction and aim to score past the goalkeeper to claim your prize!


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How to play World Cup Slot Machine Game


Many athletes dedicate their entire lives to prepare for international tournaments, but FIFA World Cup doesn't demand such a level of commitment. Here's how to get started:

  • Begin by clicking on the small 'i' icon located at the bottom of the screen. Use the arrows in the subsequent menu to explore the paytable, rules, and bonus features.

  • To return to the game grid, simply click 'OK.'

  • The bet controls may blend into the background a bit, but you can adjust your stake by using the '+' and '-' keys.

  • If you're in a hurry, activate the turbo spin feature by pressing the fast-forward key to speed up the reels.

  • Alternatively, you can use the autoplay function. Just tap the autoplay button, select the number of spins you'd like, and set balance limits to ensure responsible gaming.

  • Always plan your budget with responsible gambling principles in mind.

  • Finally, hit the play button to kick-off your gaming session!

JILI Slot Game- World Cup Free Game


Best JILI Slot Game- World Cup Scatter JILI178-02
  • Landing 3 scatters will trigger free game.

  • Landing scatters, triggers +2 free rounds, up to 22 rounds! The rounds will not be triggered in the free game!

  • During Free game, landing any scatter awards random multipliers, which applied to all the winnings in that round!

  • The random multipliers effects are: X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, or X10 !

Big Symbol

  • The 2nd through 4th reels constitute a unique zone where large symbols can appear or stand in for other symbols on the game board

  • Every symbol type has an opportunity to become a significant symbol variation

  • A significant symbol is defined as either four (2X2) or nine (3X3) identical symbols when computing your winnings.



Best JILI Slot Game- World Cup Bonus JILI178-03

9 X 250

8 X 100

7 X 50

6 X 25

5 X 15

4 X 10

3 X 5

2 X 2

1 X 1

  • No need for paying attention to pay lines. Acquire a bonus, and you can instantly secure your prize, with larger bonuses leading to even greater rewards!

  • Bonuses exclusively appear on reels #2, #3, or #4.

  • These come in a significant symbol variant, providing the best chances of success, especially when it's a 9-symbol (3X3).

Extra Bets


Best JILI Slot Game- World Cup Extra Bets JILI178-04
  • To enable Extra Bets, you'll have to contribute an extra 50% of your initial bet amount, and these can be activated to unlock various unique features.

  • Extra Bet Mode Wins = Original Bet Amount X Odds.

  • Feature 1: In the base game, landing a random multiplier activates effects such as X1, X2, or X3 in each round.

  • Feature 2: In the free game mode, the multipliers' effects are amplified, resulting in X2, X4, X6, X8, X10, or even X20 multipliers!

World Cup Slot Machine Pay Table


Payouts are shown as bet = 1.

Best JILI Slot Game- World Cup Wild JILI178-05

5 X 25

4 X 5

3 X 1.25

Best JILI Slot Game- World Cup JILI178-06

5 X 2.5

4 X 0.5

3 X 0.25

Best JILI Slot Game- World Cup JILI178-07

5 X 25

4 X 5

3 X 1.25

Best JILI Slot Game- World Cup JILI178-08

5 X 1.5

4 X 0.4

3 X 0.15

Best JILI Slot Game- World Cup JILI178-09

5 X 10

4 X 2

3 X 1

Best JILI Slot Game- World Cup JILI178-10

5 X 1.5

4 X 0.4

3 X 0.15

Best JILI Slot Game- World Cup JILI178-11

5 X 7.5

4 X 1.5

3 X 0.75

Best JILI Slot Game- World Cup JILI178-12

5 X 1

4 X 0.25

3 X 0.1

Best JILI Slot Game- World Cup JILI178-13

5 X 5

4 X 1

3 X 0.5

Best JILI Slot Game- World Cup JILI178-14

5 X 1

4 X 0.25

3 X 0.1


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