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JILI178 Online Casino Cash In using UnionBank

Cash In Online Casino using UnionBank in CLIQQ 7 - Eleven


How to Cash in Using Cliqq Kiosk (Online Casino using UnionBank)

To begin in JILI178 Cash In, locate the CLIQQ Kiosk inside a 7-Eleven store. Once you have found the kiosk, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the main menu of the CLIQQ Kiosk and locate the "E-MONEY" option. Select it.

  • Choose "UNIONBANK" from the list of available e-money options. Tap "NEXT" to proceed.

  • Tap on the Union Bank logo to continue with the Union Bank transaction.

  • Provide your Union Bank account details, including the 12-digit account number, account name, and the desired deposit amount.

  • Take a moment to review and confirm all the information you entered in the previous step.

  • Enter your mobile number, as you will receive a notification on this number once the deposit is successfully processed. Click "NEXT" to proceed.

  • Print the CLIQQ rewards barcode, which you will present at the counter in order to make the payment for the deposit amount.

To complete the transaction, please present the payment slip to the cashier for scanning. Pay the exact amount indicated on the payment slip. After the payment is made, you should receive a text message on the mobile number associated with your Union Bank account confirming the successful deposit in Online Casino Cash In using UnionBank

Deposit Using UnionBank account on JILI178


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