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Jili777 Casino Promotion- Unlimited Credit Exchange


Jili777 Casino Promotion- Unlimited Credit Exchange01

Jili777 Casino Promotion- Unlimited Credit Exchange

Jili777 Points Table

1,000 POINTS


3,000 POINTS

77 PHP

5,000 POINTS

277 PHP

10,000 POINTS

577 PHP

30,000 POINTS

777 PHP

50,000 POINTS

1,777 PHP

80,000 POINTS

2,777 PHP

100,000 POINTS

3,777 PHP

  • Jili777-Free Credits Exchange must be wagered 3 TIMES (3X) Before Promotion is unlocked.

  • Maximum Withdrawal is UNLIMITED.

  • The bonus can be played only in SLOT GAMES.

  • Exchange UNLIMITED Is every day. NOTE: This Promotion is ONLY AVAILABLE to Members VIP LVL 3 Above. REMINDER!

  • One person per account, Address, Email, Phone number, Bank account, IP Used in registration.

  • During participation in the promotion, no information can be edited, such as name, surname, bank. If determined to be Altered the winner will be disqualified and/or forfeited immediately.

  • JILI777 reserves the right to modify and discontinue the promotion at any time without prior notice.

  • If you have been verified and have duplicate information, In case of abuse or multi – accounting, JILI777 Casino has the right to cancel the promotion balance without notice.

  • Download Jili777 App to get best experience


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