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Jilibet Online Casino Promotion- 12% Daily Deposit Reload Bonus


Jilibet Cash Casino Promotion- 12% Daily Deposit Reload Bonus01

Jilibet Online Casino Promotion- 12% Daily Deposit Reload Bonus

Validity: Ongoing


Eligible for all, up to 12%


Apply for 3% + 4% + 5% individually Daily to achieve all 12% Deposit Bonus on Jilibet Online Casino!

Application Process:

Step 1: Click on deposit in the main menu after login.

Step 2: Key in the amount that you want to deposit (min. 500 Pesos) and select the options 3% - 5% Reload Bonus.

Jilibet Online Casino Promotion-Deposit amount03

Step 3: Once decided on the Deposit Amount & Reload Bonus percentage, click on "Apply for Deposit"

Jilibet Cash Casino Promotion-Apply deposit04

Jilibet Cash Casino Promotion-Apply deposit05

Jilibet Promotion Rules & Regulation:

1. Jilibet Cash is accessible to all VIP members as part of this promotion.

2. The turnover requirement is calculated by (Cash in + Bonus) multiplied by the Turnover Requirement before any withdrawal can be made. Consider these examples for a clearer understanding:

- Example 1: If Cash in is P500 and the Bonus is 3% (P15), with a Turnover of 1x, the total turnover requirement becomes (P500 + P15) * 1 = P515.

- Example 2: When Cash in is P1,000 and Bonus is 496 (equivalent to 40), with a Turnover of 2x, the total turnover requirement becomes (P1,000 + P40) * 2 = P2,080.

- Example 3: With Cash in at P2,000 and a 5% Bonus (P100), with a Turnover of 3x, the total turnover requirement becomes (P2,000 + P100) * 1 = P6,300.

3. Jilibet Cash This promotion remains exclusive and does not intertwine with other offers. Turnover generated by the bonus does not count toward rebate. The turnover requirement associated with the bonus will be deducted initially.

4. Various bet types are deemed invalid for turnover calculation, including voided/canceled/rejected bets, draw bets, and those made on both outcomes. Additionally, specific Sports/Esports bets with odds below 1.70 Europe or 0.70 Hong Kong/Malay are not considered valid turnover for the first deposit bonus.

5. The JILIBET 12% Daily Reload Bonus cannot be traded, transferred, or sold under any circumstances.

6. Only one account per player is permissible for Jilibet Cash. Proof of identity might be requested before claiming any promotion or bonus. Creating multiple or fraudulent accounts, those with identical IP addresses, within the same household, or among family members, will disqualify individuals from the promotion and could result in the forfeiture of funds and account suspension.

7. Individuals confirmed or suspected of having a fraudulent account are ineligible for this bonus.

8. If fraudulent activity is suspected, JiliBet reserves the right to withhold all winnings and bonuses.

9. JiliBet retains the right to modify, suspend, or conclude this promotion at its discretion without prior notification.

10. JiliBet has the ultimate authority to make the final decision and interpretation regarding this promotion.

Jilibet Terms & Conditions:

Jilibet Login and Jilibet Sign up here also applie JiliBet Terms & Conditions


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