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Jilibet Online Casino Promotion-First Time Depositor


Jilibet Online Casino Promotion-First Time Depositor01

Jilibet Online Casino Promotion-First Time Depositor

Promotion Details:

Whenever you first deposit using our 10% deposit bonus, after which you have a chance to spin the wheel to win some mystery gifts like P8,888, Infinix Phone or Rice Cooker ONLY on Jilibet Online Casino!

Application Process:

Step 1: Click on "Member" after login.

Jilibet Online Casino Promotion02

Step 2: Deposit using 10% First Deposit Bonus.

Step 3: Scroll down and click on "Reward Centre"

Jilibet Online Casino Promotion-Reward Center03

Step 4: Click on "Claim Task" in the Reward Center.

Jilibet Online Casino Promotion-Claim Task04

Step 5: Click on 'Claim' under the Reward Ticket - Prize Wheel.

Jilibet Online Casino Promotion-Claim rewards05

Step 6: Spin the wheel and win up to P8,888!

Jilibet Online Casino Promotion-Prize wheel06

Jilibet Terms & Conditions:

1. This promotion is available to all registered members. Each member can only spin once!

2. The turnover requirement will be counted as follows (Cash in + Bonus) x Turnover Requirement. The turnover requirement must be met before any withdrawal is permitted. Minimum Deposit for 10% First Time Deposit Bonus is P1,000 and turnover requirement is 3X

For example:

Wheel Spin Bonus P188

Total tumover requirement = P188*5=P940

3. Jilibet Online Casino This promotion is not shared with any other offers and the turnover generated by the bonus will not be calculated for rebate. The turnover requirement for the bonus will be deducted first.

4. The balance of the account must be less than 10 to be eligible to apply for the promotion. No bets can be placed before the bonus is credited. Multiple deposits at the same time will not be eligible to apply for the bonus. Bonus cannot be claimed if there are pending unsettled bets.

5. All voided/canceled/rejected bets, draw bets, bets made on both outcomes, Sports/Esports bets with odds below 1.70 Europe or 0.70 Hong Kong/Malay will not be counted as valid turnover as such will not be taken into the calculation for the first deposit bonus.

6. JILIBET Mystery Gifts Wheel Spin may not be traded, transferred, or sold in any form

7. Only one account per player is allowed. Members may be required to produce proof of identity before claiming any promotion or bonus. Players opening multiple or fraudulent accounts, accounts with the same IP address, in the same household, or family members, will not be eligible for the promotion and may have their funds forfeited and accounts frozen.

8. Players who are confirmed or suspected to have a fraudulent account will be entitled to this bonus

9. JiliBet reserves the right to withhold all winnings and bonuses, in the event when fraudulent activity is suspected.

10. JiliBet reserves the right to alter, suspend, or terminate this promotion at its sole discretion without prior notice.

11. JiliBet reserves the right to make the final decision and has the final interpretation of this promotion.

Jilibet Cash Terms & Conditions:

Jilibet Login and Jilibet Sign up here also applie JiliBet Terms & Conditions.


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