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JiliKO Casino Promotion- 500 JCOIN change 50


JiliKO Casino-500-jcoin-free-bonus01

JiliKO Casino Promotion- 500 JCOIN change 50

Promotion Tag : Jiliko Free Bonus,Cash Rebate

Promotional period : 2023/09/01 ~ 2023/09/30

Promo period: Every Tue ,Thur in SEP 8pm

JiliKO Casino Promotion Detail

  • JiliKO Casino-Starting in September, there will be a change in the schedule for Tuesdays and Thursdays, with activities beginning at 8 pm.

  • This offer is available for up to 1000 members, while supplies are still available.

  • You can trade 500 JCOINs for a 50P reward.

  • Members at or above Level 3 are eligible to make a claim.

JiliKO Promotion Terms & Conditions

  • Participation is limited to one entry per player, and individuals using the same IP address, mobile phone number, device, identical ID, or bank account number will be regarded as the same player.

  • JILIKO reserves the authority to modify or terminate the promotion at its discretion.

JiliKO Casino-500-jcoin-free-bonus02


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