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JiliKO Casino Promotion- Daily Collected Free J COIN Reward


JiliKO Casino Promotion- Daily Collected Free J COIN Reward01

JiliKO Casino Promotion-Daily Collected Free J COIN Reward

Promotion Tag: Free Bonus

Promotional period : 2022/06/01 ~ 2023/12/31

JiliKO Casino Promotion Detail








  • Log in JILIKO, click the icon “S win 777".

  • LV3+ member can draw once per day. (If already draw within the day, the icon would be unclickable)

  • The system will renew 0:00 everyday, member is able to re-click.

  • J COIN can be exchanged for cash at J COIN Shop.

JiliKO Casino Promotion- Free Points02

JiliKO Casino Promotion- history03

1Betting Amount-to-Points Conversion Rates

  • JiliKO-For slot games, fish games, and other games, you receive 1 point for every 500 units wagered. In live games, sports betting, and Sabong, you earn 1 point for every 2000 units wagered.

  • Calculation Period: From midnight (00:00 am) to the end of the day (23:59 pm).

  • Points Distribution Time: Points will be distributed at 12:00 on the following day.

  • You have the option to exchange J COIN for cash at designated J COIN stores.

JiliKO Casino Promotion- chips04

JiliKO Casino Promotion- Transaction History05

JiliKO Casino Promotion- Exhange Chips06


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